"You KNOW I love my Liquid Crystals so I'm back ordering more! This stuff is GREAT! I never want to stop using it; so don't ever stop making it!"
Cindy F.
Brookfield, WI

"Liquid Crystals Serum is amazing stuff! I actually think it reverses the signs of aging. I try to always have it on hand, but on those occasions when I run out I see the crow's feet come creeping back. Start again with the serum, and lo and behold, they start to fade. I call it liquid gold."
Pamela S.
Costa Mesa, CA

"I absolutely love Liquid Crystals! Its light diffusing effect and antioxidants keep my eyes looking youthful. I wouldn't be without it."
Susan H.
Carmel, IN

"Women are so concerned about aging, and this product addresses their concerns. I personally don't have undereye wrinkles so I don't generally use it there, but I'm sure the benefits would be very noticeable. I personally need SOMETHING on my lips, they’ve gotten so thin. Bright color is AWFUL on me, but clear or even pink or beige gloss is so blah and boring, and barely registers. This product is perfect – glossy, opal-ey and adds sheen, without being “frosty” and dated. LOVE HOW SOFT MY LIPS FEEL, LOVE THE ‘OPAL’ SHEEN THEY GET WHEN APPLIED AS LIPGLOSS. Younger women will love the benefits as a lip gloss. "
Kathy M.
Garwood, NJ

"The product is a little sticky to put on so it would have to be dabbed on.. The product felt great on my skin. I thought I saw improvements right away... but couldn't put my finger on it. I was happy with the initial results. I haven't been using it under my makeup. I just use it at night before going to bed. After a few uses (a week or more) I noticed under my eyes seem smoother - not so puffy or indented in. The transition from my lower eye lid towards my cheek is smoother - very impressive! I feel my wrinkles are not so deep.
It definitely exceeded my expectation. My lips are smoother - around my eyes are smoother. I haven't used it too much on my neck. I have an overall appearance of a younger face! : ))))
Gina N.
Roslyn, NY

"People are telling me that I look great and then they ask if I have changed my hair style. The truth is that I’m looking younger because my fine lines are gone and my engraved wrinkles are softer. My secret? Liquid Crystals Serum. I have never felt 69 and now I don’t look it – yeah! – thank you Liquid Crystals Serum (my secret weapon)."
Wendy K.
Los Angeles, CA

"Liquid Crystal Serum is an incredible product because it works. I apply a small amount under my eyes and on my lips before I go to bed , only to wake up to a more youthful and well rested looking face. It even diminishes the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes. This will always be a product that I will continue to use."
David Veach, Actor
Los Angeles, CA

"Liquid Crystals Serum is a product I will never be without.  It softened the lines around my eyes so dramatically I will use this serum for life!"
Dr. Jan Head
Beverly Hills, CA

"I cannot go even one day without my Liquid Crystals Serum. A little amount goes such a long way. I love the way it brightens the whole eye area, which in turn brightens my whole face. I love to use it on my lips and neck as well, but what it does for my eye area is so amazing."
Lisa F.
Greenwood Lake, NY

"I tried the sample you sent me, and loved it. I would love to carry this product in my salon."
Bridget P.
Hardyville, KY


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